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Where can I get some succulents?

Where can I get some succulents?
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You’ll find yourself asking this question even after your window sills are crowded with these fat plants. Whether you’re looking for your first one (here are some suggestions for beginners), or you’re a veteran who needs to scratch that itch, the following methods are applicable by all.

Home Improvement Stores (Lowes / Home Depot)

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While selections tend to be much better during the summer months, most large chain retailers in this category should have some succulents in stock year round. If they have an outdoor garden area, that should obviously be your first stop. While they don’t often carry particularly rare species, you can sometimes find uncommon ones for pretty cheap. These stores often sell succulents (including cacti) singly and in pre-made arrangements that include multiple species. The arrangements tend to be expensive, but the plants individually are all quite reasonably priced.

The benefit to purchasing at such stores is that they are usually conveniently located and that they also carry all the succulent peripherals you will need. Pots, soil mixtures, soil additives, etc. Just make sure you carefully inspect your plants to ensure that they are healthy and pest-free, as they did not have much attention in the store.

Ultimate Succulent Store – Hundreds of Varieties Available

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Nurseries / Garden Stores

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This is probably the first place that comes to mind when searching for plants. Nurseries offer a wide variety of plants and their seeds. You can also expect them to sell arrangements of succulents, as well as necessities like soil and pots.

These are the most convenient places to come for rare plants. While prices at nurseries tend to fall on the more expensive side, you can usually be assured of quality. The employees know their plants and care for them more carefully than a home improvement store might. They can likely also give advice on the care of particular plants.


While ordering from online nurseries is certainly an option, you should be aware of other possibilities. Forums such as Reddit, specifically the succulents subreddit, are great places to search for plants. In addition to being full of awesome content in the forms of images and advice, people often gather to trade or buy/sell from their own collections. This is probably the best place to find fascinating and unique succulents to add to your garden. These enthusiasts tend to be quite knowledgeable and friendly. Pricing can be hit or miss, so make sure to shop around!

And of course, Sublime Succulents has its own store for those looking to nurture some sexy succulents!

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