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is my succulent over or under watered at home

Beginners: Start Here

Here’s a collection of all of our content aimed at people new to succulent and cacti cultivation, or new to gardeninng in general! Includes all the fundamentals and knowledge + gear you need to get started!

should succulents be watered from the bottom

Watering Succulents

Watering is the single most important factor in succulent care. Don’t get it wrong, learn more here!

baby sun rose succulent propagation tips

Light for Succulents

Are your succulents and cacti growing tall and stretched out? They need more light! Learn about how to optimally light your plants and bring out those beautiful colors.

facts if is christmas cactus a succulent

Succulent Soil

Soil is the root of plant health, and it plays a large role in how succulents and cacti receive their water! Here’s all our content about dirt, including recommendations and recipes!

facts if you should succulents be watered from the bottom

Propagating Succulents and Cacti

Make more plants out of the ones you already have! Succulents and cacti are easy to propagate, here’s everything you need to know.

watering succulents with ice cubes

Fertilizer for Succulents

Even plants get hungry, so toss them a bit of plant food. This page has all the answers to your burning questions about fertilizing succulents and cacti.

baby sun rose succulent propagation tips

Pots and Planters for Succulents

A pot is a plant’s home, so it ought to be comfortable! This page contains our collective wisdom on containers for cacti and succulents.