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Frequently Asked Questions – The answers to all your burning questions

What is Sublime Succulents?

Sublime Succulents is a labor of love. It was inspired by a college kid’s desires to both learn web design and learn about succulents. Sublime Succulents seeks to provide accurate information and serve as a resource for all those who love fat plants.

Where is all this information from?

The author of Sublime Succulents is a biology grad with a focus on botany. You’ve probably noticed some of the content can get sciencey — sorry!

We strive to present information as accurately as possible. All information is from the author’s studies, his experience, or his research. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money or space for every plant and technique I write about. In lieu of that, I spend on average 4 hours researching any given article before writing it. Multiple sources are considered – and any conflicting information is verified before being published.

We also make a large effort to be scientifically accurate. Some information may fly in the face of traditional knowledge (putting gravel in the bottom of pots, anyone?). Some claims or information on the site may be contrary to what you’ve heard, but rest assured it is as accurate as possible.

Why do some of these links bring me to external sites like Amazon?

Those are affiliate links. Essentially, when you click that link and then purchase something (anything) from Amazon (or wherever) Sublime Succulents gets a small cut (usually about 5%).

This is a great system because it doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it allows websites and blogs like this one to keep the lights on without resorting to ugly ads.

Despite this, we curate the products on the other ends of the links. We are as honest as possible and strive to only recommend quality products. We receive nothing from the manufacturer when recommending, so you can be assured that there is no bias.

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns – we’d love to hear them! Either comment on the article (if relevant) or send us an email by going to the contact page.

Can I get involved?

Sublime Succulents is always looking for passionate succulent enthusiasts to help out! If you would like to contribute an article, shoot us an email through the contact form!

If you want your pictures on the site, check the Facebook Page where we occasionally solicit pictures from our readers!

Who runs this place?

I am Patrick Grubbs — Succulent Savior, Cactus Connoisseur, Aloe Aggregator, Haworthia Hoarder, etc. etc.

Titles aside, I’m a recent college grad with too much time and an obsession with succulents. My focus in ecology has led to my love of botany and zoology. Check out my other site – – to get a taste of the other side of me!