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Can You Clean Up Plant Soil With A Vacuum?

Can You Clean Up Plant Soil With A Vacuum?
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Plant soil is one of the most frustrating things to clean up, it sticks to surfaces like glue. You think that you have wiped it away and picked up all the soil, but then you go to wash the floor or even an item of clothing and you notice the water is brown and muddy. How frustrating. 

So what is the best way to clean up plant soil? You guessed it, with a vacuum cleaner! Vacuums pick up dirt and debris that we can not see, great when it comes to fine soil that has the potential to become sludgy mud. 

It doesn’t matter if the spillage happens inside your home, out in the greenhouse, or even in your car, use a vacuum cleaner to tidy it up. There are loads of vacuums on the market that are adapted to every environment. Check these shark vacuums out, these vacuums are the best at cleaning up stubborn particles and they are available in all shapes and sizes. They even do a vacuum that moves itself around your house, brilliant!

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Best Way to Clean Up Plant Soil

If you’ve got house plants, it is inevitable that the kids, cat, or dog will knock it over and cause a mess at some point or other. Luckily, there is a method to clean up plant-soil without smudging it all over the place and making a massive mess. 

1. Take your shoes or slippers off if the spillage happened indoors. This makes sure you don’t press any soil into the carpet as you’ll be able to feel what you are stepping on. 

2. Pick up the plant and move it to another area of the room while you clean.

3. Grab a flat piece of cardboard and cut it in two (cutting one side of a cereal box will do) and gently scoop up the soil. 

Top Tip:  You want to scoop the soil up without pushing it deeper into the flooring or carpet. 

4. Using the hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner only, vacuum up the remaining soil. Do not push the hose back and forth as this will just embed the dirt into the floor even more. 

If you are cleaning the soil from a carpet, put some Spot Pro on the area, there is no need to clean the whole carpet after the spillage. Tiled and wooden flooring are a little different, spray the area with a cleaning solution after vacuuming, and then proceed to mop the floor to finish off. 

Do Not Sweep Up Soil Spillages 

Using a dustpan and brush is probably the worst thing you could do to a soil spillage. The sweeping motion only rubs the soil into the floor, jamming it into the grout on tile floors, between the wooden joints and further into carpet fibers. 

Follow these simple steps to avoid any soil disasters. After all, these things can’t be avoided, all we can do is figure out how to fix it.