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Gift Guide for the Succulent Obsessed

Gift Guide for the Succulent Obsessed
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We all know somebody who is struggling with SOB (Succulent Obsession Disorder). Unfortunately, this malady is becoming more and more prevalent, in part due to the very contagious nature of the disease. Worse – there’s no known cure.

The good news is that it can be treated. A daily dose of succulents can help prevent the affliction from worsening. Severe cases may need two doses per day. Consult your local nurse(ry) for prescription (succulent) medication.

If you want to help your struggling friends, we’ve compiled a list of treatments that are effective. There is always a holiday or birthday going on, so you really have no excuse to wait. We’ve organized the products into categories for ya.

Ultimate Succulent Store – Hundreds of Varieties Available

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The Succulent Collector

If you’re just looking for plants, this is the place for you. Included are starter packs with lots of variety, but also a selection of rare succulents for those who already have everything.

succulent gift guide
Succulent Source has lots of great deals on collections of little plants!

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succulent gift guide
Leaf & Clay has a selection of rare cultivars for sale on their site, like this Agave “Quadricolor”.

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succulent gift guide
If you don’t want to wait, take advantage of your Prime membership and grab these from Amazon.

The Succulent Office

A collection of drought-tolerant office supplies and knickknacks that can only improve your cubicle.

succculent gift guide
This classy pen holder can hold some classy succulents too.

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succulent gift guide
Who said organization had to be boring? These file folders will bring life to your filing cabinets.
succculent gift guide
Give that cactus a taste of its own medicine! This memo organizer has a hollow base in which you can store pins.

We had to cut this post into several pages, because all the pretty pictures are too much to load at once! Hit the next page for a sweet Planter Pack!

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