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10 Astonishing Yellow Succulents

10 Astonishing Yellow Succulents
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Succulents are known for their bright, gem colors and spunky shapes. The variety of diverse options provides opportunity for a unique plant collection with any color succulent you can dream of, but yellow succulents are some of the very best.

We all know plants tend to come in various shades of green, but you can find a succulent in whatever color you are in the mood for. Yellow is the perfect shade for brightening your collection and adding a little cheery character to your home or garden. These ten astonishing yellow succulents make great additions to any sunroom, plant wall, fairy garden, or backyard oasis.

10. Campfire Plant (Crassula Capitella)

Crassula capitella review
World of Succulents

These warm succulents feature fleshy leaves and a lovely rosebud shape. They can grow almost up to a foot tall and they spread two to three feet wide. When they are happy, they bloom with white flowers, making Crassula capitella a gorgeous and cheery plant to keep!

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9. Sticks on Fire (Euphorbia Tirucalli)

Euphorbia Tirucalli review
Mountain Crest Gardens

This vivid plant resembles sea coral and is known for its distinctive appearance of a plant made of fire sticks, or a bunch of lit matchsticks suspended in fire. Euphorbia tirucalli plants can grow up to 8 feet tall and they tend to be 3-10 feet wide. In the winter months, they take on more of a vivid red color, but in the warmer seasons the yellow is unstoppable. Sticks on fire also flower with yellow blooms.

8. Golden Toothed Aloe (Aloe Nobilis)

Aloe Nobilis review
Mountain Crest Gardens

These beauties are a nice spin on the traditional aloe plant because with ample sunlight, the tips of their spikey leaves burn a beautiful shade of yellow/orange. Aloe noblis unique because they still retain some of that green color as well, so they are a multicolor work of art. These plants also produce nectar which attracts hummingbirds, a wonderful addition to your garden or porch!

7. Coppertone Sedum (Sedum Nussbaumerianum)

Sedum Nussbaumerianum review
Mountain Crest Gardens

This Sedum shows its brilliant yellow when fully exposed to sunlight. Sedum nussbaumerianum is a smaller plant, growing up to 8 inches tall and two inch wide rosettes, but they make great houseplants. In the springtime, coppertone sedum plants are adorned with blush-toned starry flowers.

6. Tokyo Sun (Sedum Japonicum)

Sedum Japonicum review
Mountain Crest Gardens

These plants are cute, bright yellow succulents which grow in spreads across the ground. Sedum japonicum never get very tall. Tokyo suns have golden, star shaped flowering in the summer months and they stay pretty vibrant all year round but will fade to a more lime green shade if they don’t get enough sunlight.

5. Gold Bug (Sempervivum heuffelii)

where to buy Sempervivum heuffelii
Mountain Crest Gardens

Gold bugs are vibrant succulents, showing reds, pinks, and gold tones in the colder months. Bright and consistent outdoor sunlight will allow these succulents to show their brightest yellow colors and maintain a tight rosette shape. Sempervivum heuffelii are resilient plants, surviving in the wintertime even under a layer of snow.

4. Japanese Golden Sedum (Sedum Makinoi ‘Ogon’)

Sedum Makinoi review
Mountain Crest Gardens

These stonecrops are native to Japan, typically growing in rocky valleys. The delicate look comes from small, glossy leaves. Sedum makinoi are easy to care for and frost hardy, remaining under 5 inches tall and thriving in partial to full sun.

3. Teddy Bear (Kalanchoe Tomentosa)

Where to buy Kalanchoe Tomentosa
Mountain Crest Gardens

These fuzzy guys are wonderful to look at and even to touch due to the soft layer of fuzz coating the cute, round leaves. These velvet succulents sport golden flowers in the spring and summertime and they can grow up to a foot long. Kalanchoe tomentosa are easy to care for, requiring infrequent watering. If you are looking for a cute and unique succulent to add to your collection, these babies may be perfect for you!

2. Sunset Jade (Crassula Ovata)

Where to buy Crassula Ovata
Mountain Crest Gardens

These cute plants grow off a thick stem with bright yellow and burnt orange rounded leaves. In shade, Crassula ovata can pass for the common jade plant because the leaves fade to a dimmer, lime green color. With vibrant sunlight, the leaves keep up their intense and cheery yellow colors and make a perfectly spunky plant for your collection.

1. Paddle Plant (Kalanchoe Luciae)

Where to buy Kalanchoe Luciae
Mountain Crest Gardens

Paddle Plants are known for their unique flat, rounded leaves and they grow up to 6 inches wide. In the colder months, the blooms are pale-yellow and in the warmer months they intensify to even a blazing orange and red coloring at times. The contrast between the seasons makes Kalanchoe luciae interesting to own because you can watch as they shift over the months to complement different colors in your plant collection.

What Are The Best Yellow Succulents?

There’s a reason yellow is known for being cheery, it’s the color of sunlight! If you want to add a little glow to your space, start collecting some cute yellow plants to spice up your garden and/or home. Looking for other colors that may compliment yellow succulents? Check out some of these other posts we’ve currated.

If you have any other favorite yellow succulents, comment them below and maybe we’ll add them to this list. You can never have too many succulents, right?